About Carmen Sanchez

I’m your faith integration strategist empowering you to find your inner wealth and help you live out the desire of your heart by teaching you how to apply scriptural principles to create change and get the results you want.


That’s a mouthful right?! okay here’s a bit more of what I do and what I’m passionate about:

I am a Pastor of a dynamic unique growing ministry in Staten Island ( it’s only been 2 years but it feels longer) a business developer with a remarkable company that specializes in self-care of your outer beauty and a Kingdom mindset entrepreneur who loves the word of God and believes that by utilizing my platform, providing my services I have the advantage of reaching others to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and giving others the opportunity to change their life.

Yes, you will hear me talk a lot about Jesus because He is my business partner (and an expert at what He does).

The scripture that has transformed my life and has given me the reason for creating this website comes from,

3 John 2 in the amplified version which reads as follows:

“Beloved, I pray that in every way you may succeed and prosper and be in good health [physically], just as [I know] your soul prospers [spiritually].”

This scripture says a lot about how our lives demonstrate from the inside, our soul (mind, will, and emotion) the result of how we live. There are 3 keys that I’ve found in this scripture which has resonated and changed me:

  • Strengthen Your Faith
  • Improve our Self (soul: mind, will, and emotion)
  • And Serve To Prosper.

God has given me grace, wisdom, and understanding on how to help you on your journey towards restoration (from within) and empower you to walk in your anointed assignment and greatness (live out that desire in your heart).

I’m here to love you unconditionally with no judgments provide the resources you need so you can get to a place of restoration where you can begin to manifest God’s purpose in your life and empower you to start dreaming and designing your blueprint.

I know that this is possible because I’ve learned to understand who I am, who’s I am and how I was wonderfully designed to be a co-creator with Christ Jesus and walk in my purpose and you can too!

I overcame hopelessness so can you I overcame despair so can you I overcame depression so can you I overcame oppression and yes so can you

It was through my journey of excepting unconditional love that I was able to love myself and understand that I am fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God with all my unique gifts and skills. I had to unlearn old ways of believing so I had to renew my mind which helps change my perception through biblically based principles that I have applied and I can teach you.

My journey is not over and it is still unfolding itself, I created this place to share my journey with you and grow with you. So you’ll notice many changes happening to my site frequently.

This is a process

It is never ending. But there is hope!

It is in this process where will you begin to see your destiny your future and the plans God has laid out for you one day at a time by his grace.  And the process is learning about yourself and how you are uniquely designed, how you function and how you’re calling and your purpose comes together as one.

Within the last seven years I have been given a basic understanding or may I say blueprint on how to go about this journey by His spirit.

And now I am ready to share it with you because as I continue to implement and teach you, God continues to reveal a bigger plan, therefore, the blueprint gets deeper and wider, this means we will be growing together and that is exciting!

In my process, God has divinely connected me with the right people in my life and He will do that with you.

You’ll learn how to discover this through your own personal journey and I can help you understand this step by step. Again what is the process? It is learning about your self-loving you, embracing yourself and understand how are you are created so you can understand who you are.

What is more exciting and amazing is that as you begin to implement what I teach you,

You will be bold

as you understand your divine God giving gifts and skills

You will be courageous

This process gives you a surety of your identity which is hidden in Christ yeah reviewed through your process of renewal thus

You will be you in Christ

This is the beginning phase of manifesting your blueprint as a kingdom entrepreneur

Together I can help you design your divine blueprint because in Psalm 139:13

“You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

This a key is asking God to reveal His plan in our life!

Stay connected as I plug in MORE details.